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About The Heart of Maine Resource Center

The Heart of Maine Resource Center is located in the old Bert Call Studio, a historic building located in the center of town. The building was recently donated to the Heart of Maine Resource Center to be used to establish a food hub for those experiencing food insecurity. The building has been gutted and is ready for renovations; these include electrical, plumbing, and wallboard. Our goal is to have the indoor food distribution open by the beginning of summer.

We serve the communities of Dexter, Ripley, Garland, and Exeter. This covers over 6,000 Maine residents and has an almost 17% food insecurity rate. We have already begun to do monthly food distributions in conjunction with Piscataquis Regional Food Center. We have distributed well over 1500 boxes in the last year. These boxes include fresh food and non- perishable items alike.


The building will also be used to house the Heart of Maine Resource Center offices and rooms where individuals and families can receive assistance in counseling for various reasons and given access to many other resources already being offered in the area. We will assist them with applying for and receiving aid. No person will be turned away. Anyone in need will be assisted as best as we can.

We also sponsor Group Work Camps where hundreds of volunteers from around the country come to the Dexter area to perform free home repair. 

Our Mission

To connect our neighbors with the resources they need to thrive.

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